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February 26, 2021

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PDF To Kindle Conversion Is Now Just A Few Clicks Away!

The world’s most popular eBook reader Kindle from Amazon, especially the earlier generation models, makes it comparably difficult for you to read PDF files. There is a conversion service available, but that is not completely dependable. However, this is made  →
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Backup Software, USB Backup, and other Support Systems

This article discusses backup software in general. Key terms are introduced to further explain the process and objects of creating a back up. Chinese art, and in particular, Chinese painting is greatly treasured around the globe. Chinese painting can be  →
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Does your Helpdesk Software deal with SPAM emails?

The threats on Internet are consistently increasing, among which spamming is serious. If the company doesnt take proper measures against spamming, it means they can face crucial data loss, illegal and probable action by the authorities in the terms of  →
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An easy way to migrate from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign

Migrating from one software application to the next can be challenging. In the case of complex computer aided design software, the process can be even more difficult due to the highly complex data involved. One of the biggest problems is  →
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How to Find an Easy to Use Web Page Editor

If you plan to create your own web page for personal use or a complete website for your business needs, the first question you must ask is – what kind of features do I look for in a web page  →
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Automate FTP transfers to supercharge your productivity

Especially during these times of rising economic uncertainty, businesses face increasing pressure to do more with less. Workforces are dwindling in many businesses as they try to keep costs low, and the costs of maintaining a productive and motivated workforce  →
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The privacy-first browser that doesn’t track you

Surfing the internet is something most of us take for granted, and many of us cannot imagine being without. But the ubiquity of the internet, on not only our computers, but also our smartphones and other devices, has also opened  →
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Boost productivity with a free password manager for Windows

The average internet user has almost a hundred online accounts, and all of them need their own set of login credentials to ensure maximum security of your information. This is for certain one of the major reasons why so many  →
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Build dual boot and multi-boot environments with a boot manager

Being able to run multiple operating systems on the same computer is a lot more convenient than being restricted to one operating system per machine. It gives you a chance to easily test out different types of software, and it’s  →
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Enjoy a new level of design with nanoCAD Plus 20

Nanosoft is proud to announce the release of a major update for its popular DWG-compatible CAD software. nanoCAD Plus 20 this year’s big release, and it brings a great deal of new functionality and a raft of improvements to the  →
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