Active@ KillDisk Desktop is an industrial-grade, hardware-based system for securely erasing up to 15 drives at the same time. Designed for enterprises and data centers, the solution is highly customizable and scalable. Entry-level options start with five drive slots for conventional 3.5-inch hard drives. You can also choose configurations that allow you to securely erase 2.5-inch solid state drives, and there is even the option to add an M.2 adapter for M.2 solid state drives. Active@ KillDisk Desktop may be set up with your own control center simply by connecting it to your network, but you can also choose from a touch-screen and tablet-based control center if you want to have a dedicated data erasure environment. For printing labels to validate your data deletion and compliance efforts, you can either use your own printer or buy a dedicated label printer for the job.

Designed to help meet the challenges of scale, Active@ KillDisk Desktop is your one-stop shop for secure data erasure. It automatically erases up to 15 drives at the same time, destroying data permanently so it can never be recovered using third party recovery software. Administrators can maintain full control and visibility over their operations using powerful analysis tools, including a SMART monitor, file browser, and hex viewer. That way, they have complete knowledge over their storage assets, and can be sure of the success of their secure data disposal operations. Disks can also be examined for bad sectors, and verification tasks can be performed. Built-in digitally signed certificates and label-printing tools also validate your efforts, allowing you to provide proof of data deletion if requested by your clients and stakeholders.

Every organization should have a secure data disposal strategy. Most people simply assume that data is gone for good the moment a drive is formatted or the recycle bin is emptied, but that is not the case. The data will stay on the drive until it is physically overwritten by another operation. This can take months or even years, especially if the drive is not used a lot. Naturally, this can spell disaster if the contents of the drive has not been encrypted, and an unauthorized third party gets their hands on it. If you are planning to sell or donate old storage assets or even just retire them to keep in a locked room somewhere, you should always make sure they have been securely deleted. Active@ KillDisk Desktop takes multiple passes of overwriting the original data with zeros so it can never be recovered. It uses processes which adhere to more than 20 internationally recognized standards, including those used by the US Department of Defense.

The latest edition, version 5.0, was launched on October 20, 2020. It has a new built-in web service for remote monitoring and administration, the ability to resume interrupted operations, and digitally signed PDF certifications with optional encryption and visual signature presentation. There is also an improved event journal and numerous other improvements and minor bug fixes. Finally, the detection and handling of faulty disks has been improved as well. Configure your hard disk sanitization platform by visiting