Facing constant digital and economic disruption, both of which drive huge changes in the market, businesses are under heavy pressure to innovate. At the same time, new and emerging technologies can make it difficult to mix and match the right solutions. It is notoriously easy to end up in a worse situation than when you started. For example, business technology systems are becoming increasing disparate and complex, and some only seem to bring more work into the mix. These are just some of the reasons why businesses need documented digital transformation strategies with a view to improving operational efficiency. The overarching goal in most of these cases is to reduce manual workloads so teams can focus on more rewarding and important activities that demand a human touch.

Automation is the key to making this possible. Far too much employee time is spent on repetitive mundane tasks that can easily be taken care of by a computer. If you have every worked with FTP or SFTP servers and had to manually transfer files and folders between local and remote servers, then you already know an example of this burden. FTPGetter Professional greatly builds upon the limited functionality of everyday FTP clients by letting users automate FTP transfers and carry out a variety of other operations. This lets you maximize the use of your available internet bandwidth while reducing the burden on your team. Even more importantly, it lets you scale your operations with demand, which is especially beneficial when working with multiple FTP servers housing thousands of files.

Conventional FTP clients present numerous barriers to boosting performance. Logging in takes time, and browsing through complex file structures tends to be a cumbersome and unresponsive process. If you have a lot of uploads or downloads to attend to, the problem becomes much greater, especially if your client only allows you to upload or download one file at a time. Also, these programs tend to lack any advanced functionality, including abilities to schedule operations and ensure all files are kept current. With FTPGetter Professional, however, you can eliminate the chances of human error to make certain that all files are correctly updated at specified intervals during the day. For example, you might automate FTP transfers to check for new file creations once per day and update them as necessary.

Although FTPGetter Professional provides an instantly familiar experience to anyone who has used a conventional FTP client before, it also provides some advanced functionality. For example, you can use file masks to specify which filetypes you want the program to detect and update. This saves on your bandwidth by ignoring irrelevant files that do not need to be checked or updates. There is also a powerful but easy-to-use scripting engine that allows more advanced users to create sophisticated tasks. For example, you can have the program automatically add files to a zip archive before they are downloaded onto your local server. This reduces bandwidth consumption and ensures your files are ready sooner, making it especially useful when the contents of your FTP server changes regularly.

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