Especially during these times of rising economic uncertainty, businesses face increasing pressure to do more with less. Workforces are dwindling in many businesses as they try to keep costs low, and the costs of maintaining a productive and motivated workforce are getting higher all the time. Since these trends are not showing any signs of slowing down, the case for newer and more agile technological solutions is clearer than ever. When it comes to working with files and folders stored on a remote FTP or SFTP server, it becomes immediately clear that there needs to be a better way. If you can automate FTP and SFTP transfers instead of trying to synchronize large file sets manually, you can save you and your team a great deal of time, while also mitigating the risk of costly human error.

FTPGetter Professional makes it possible to automate FTP and SFTP transfers and other routine workflows, instead of having to manually search for and download and upload files individually as required. When you consider the very cumbersome process of working with conventional FTP clients, it should be easy to see the benefit of automating these processes. For example, with a normal FTP client, you have to log in to the remote server, search through files and folders manually and wait for files to upload or download one at a time. This soon becomes a practical impossibility once you reach a certain scale. The more you rely on keeping files up to date on an FTP server and synchronizing data between local computers and the remote server, the scope for error also increases exponentially.

While cloud-based FTP clients tend to be even less responsive than their desktop-based counterparts, desktop FTP clients often run into problems if you are dealing with large numbers of files. FTPGetter Professional uses advanced techniques to let you create scheduled tasks tailored specifically to your needs. Once you have configured these tasks, the program will take care of the rest of the work for you. It also supports file masks, so you can tell it to only pay attention to files of a specific type. For example, if you want the software to check for new Microsoft 365 documents at certain intervals throughout the day, FTPGetter Professional can easily be set up to do so. It will then check for new file creations and synchronize them as necessary so that both your local and remote copies are kept up to date.

With the added power of batch processing and a highly flexible scheduling and task setup, you can adapt FTPGetter Professional to almost any need or computing environment. You can also flexibly adjust the lists of files you want to transfer. Another welcome feature is the addition of a SOCKS5 proxy for protecting your anonymity and privacy. Advanced users can connect to remote servers and execute commands using the terminal emulator too. This also means you can remotely configure operations such as file compression, which lets you reduce bandwidth consumption and transfer times when the program is synchronizing files. If you are ready to change the way you work with FTP and SFTP servers, visit today.