There is no more effective way to back up all of your data than by creating a byte-by-byte system image that includes absolutely everything. This way, there’s no chance of forgetting to back up something important before it’s too late. However, creating a system image also presents some other important advantages. For example, if you’re migrating to a new hard disk or even an entirely new machine, a system image allows you to do so without having to reinstall your operating system and applications. With a universal restore feature, you simply need to extract the image onto a new hard drive or computer and, once complete, it will be ready to use as though you never left your desktop. Minimal user interaction is required as well. Having a system image at your disposal is also useful for restoring your computer to an earlier time should things go wrong. By contrast, the system utilities included in your Mac are limited by things like disk space and other possible issues.

Protect Your Digital Life with Acronis True Image 2021 for Mac

Data loss remains one of the most common concerns among computer users in both the workplace and at home. Acronis True Image 2021 for Mac addresses with issue by creating a complete image of your system hard drive or other media that you can move between computers and other devices without any restrictions. The image will include your operating system, applications, personalization settings and all of your personal files, so there’s no need to worry about forgetting about something important. You can specify an external hard drive or NAS system as your backup device as well. However, if you want to use the added security of cloud-based storage for your backups, Acronis also offers a subscription-based service.

Whether backing up locally or online, Acronis takes your security and privacy very seriously by using 256-bit encryption for your system images, so that only you will be able to access them using the password provided. Acronis True Image 2021 for Mac also works faster and more efficiently than almost any other system image backup software available. Providing one of the fastest solutions available, it saves you time and frustration while giving you peace of mind in knowing that your data is safely backed up. Recovery is exceptionally quick and easy as well, since there’s no need to manually reinstall your operating system or other software. Additionally, advanced features allow you to store a history of up to 20 previous system states, allowing you to roll back to different points whenever you need to. However, in order to save time and reduce the amount of storage space required, it only captures changes made since the initial backup.

Millions of businesses and consumers around the world trust Acronis’s proven AnyData Engine, which provides some of the most advanced backup technology available. It’s flexible file recovery methods make it both convenient and reliable all while being a highly scalable solution. Find out more by visiting