Nanosoft is proud to announce the release of a major update for its popular DWG-compatible CAD software. nanoCAD Plus 20 this year’s big release, and it brings a great deal of new functionality and a raft of improvements to the multi-purpose CAD platform. Among the most important new features are a drawing comparison tool, a bounding prism, a system variable monitor and a built-in script editor. The script editor is especially powerful, since it can automate repeated drawing and editing operations, making it a huge time saver for some demanding users. Moreover, the have been many welcome improvements to existing commands. The undo/redo function has been changed to allow for previewing changes. There’s a new dynamic input function for entering commands at the cursor. Finally, the external references notation now sends an alert when another user modifies an attached drawing file.

What is nanoCAD Plus?

nanoCAD Plus is a multi-purpose CAD platform designed for those who need a range of basic and advanced tools for creating industry-standard technical diagrams and other drawings in the DWG format. The user interface is very similar to better known solutions, and it follows the same sort of design principles that any CAD user should instantly find familiar. This will keep the learning curve to a minimum, since any professional should be able to start using nanoCAD Plus very quickly. The main benefit over its competitors is that it’s significantly cheaper, but still offering a comparable degree of functionality. The software is also highly customizable, and it includes several innovative and collaborative features that are not available in a lot of other solutions. These can help enhance your efficiency and bring your design to the next level.

One of the most important things about nanoCAD Plus is that it offers full native support for the DWG format. This is the universal industry-standard, since it’s also the native format of the most popular CAD software. Since nanoCAD Plus supports this, it makes the software suite interoperable with industry-leading CAD software without having to convert the formats or risk data loss. nanoCAD Plus even provides special tools for helping you reduce file size and audit drawings for errors without losing document data due to software or hardware failures. nanoCAD Plus provides an automated saving and backup function, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to save or back up your work.

nanoCAD Plus provides a wide range of tools to promote efficient workflows and creative design, whether you’re working on engineering schematics or floor plans or any other kind of technical drawings. The tool palettes are highly customizable, giving you quick access to the commands and tools you use most. Dynamic input means you always have a simple command line right at your crosshair, allowing you to input things like the length of a line or the radius of a circle. All the features are part of a highly adjustable user interface that is designed to adapt to your workflow. You can change the layout and color settings and customize every other UI component to make nanoCAD Plus work for you, and not the other way round. Try it out at