Data loss is a threat that every organization and individual faces. It can strike at any time and often without warning, and there are countless ways in which it can happen. For example, physical damage or hardware failures can render all data stored on a particular device lost for good. Yet another common threat comes from deliberate maliciousness, particularly ransomware, in which cybercriminals encrypt all your data to make it inaccessible until you pay a ransom. Other types of malware and attacks may also damage or delete your data, but the last thing you want to be doing is cave into the demands of extortionists. Fortunately, you can mitigate all these risks by having a robust combination of information security and backup in place. Acronis True Image for Mac provides that comprehensive approach by offering both antimalware and backup.

Acronis True Image for Mac takes an exhaustive approach to backing up your data. Instead of just backing up a select few files or folders, it leaves nothing to chance. It backs up everything on a given storage device, such as photos, files, applications, and even operating systems. It makes a full byte-by-byte copy of the entire contents of your computer or storage device, which is far safer than manually backing up your documents. This leaves no room for human error either. Plus, it is extremely convenient if you want to upgrade or replace your computer or provision new ones running the same operating system and other software. Instead of having to manually install macOS on the new computer, you can simply extract the drive image and get straight back to your desktop as you left it. Other than a few tweaks to drivers (if you have new hardware), you should be good to go.

Acronis True Image for Mac brings advanced antimalware to your Mac, without requiring you to run additional software. It provides real-time protection and signature-based defenses to guard against threats both old and new. It also lets you scan your entire file system on demand, which is ideal when you want to connect a new and unknown storage device to your computer. AI-enhanced antimalware is also included to provide better protection against new and unknown threats. This powerful proactive measure uses behavioral-based detection to detect unusual activities and stop potential attacks in real time. The latest version also improves its detection measures against ransomware, but it also helps keep you safe from any other type of malware, such as cryptojackers, trojans, viruses, and spyware. It even includes a web filtering service and specialized protection for video conferences.

Acronis is proud to announce the release of Acronis True Image for Mac 2021 Update 2, launched on November 27th. This new version fixes minor issues and introduces several major improvements. The vulnerability assessment is now able to identify weaknesses in your operating system and applications, and the disk cloning feature is now available from Acronis Bootable Media. It works with every version of macOS from OS X 10.11 to the current macOS Big Sur 11.

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