Data loss is something that almost every computer user has experienced. To make matters worse, many of these incidents are completely beyond the end user’s control, especially in the case of cyberattacks. That is why backup and information security should go hand in hand to deliver a comprehensive solution for keeping your digital assets safe. Acronis True Image does just that by offering the only personal solution that combines backup and anti-malware in a single application that is easy to use. It provides intuitive and easy backup and antivirus to protect everything, such as photos, files, applications, and even operating systems themselves. With the combination of cloud-based computing, you can also store your disk images online and access your backups from anywhere on any device with an internet connection.

Disk imaging is one of the most powerful and effective ways to ensure that all your data is kept safe. By contrast, manually backing up your files is a risky endeavor, since there is always a high risk of forgetting something important. For example, you might only think to back up the contents of My Documents, only to realize when it is already too late that there were also important files stored elsewhere on the machine. A disk image makes a full, byte-by-byte copy of every occupied sector on the hard drive, so it includes your operating system, applications, and any other important files. While that also means it will take up a lot more drive space, the ability to use cloud storage services and the availability of increasingly capacious media mean this should not be a problem anymore.

Another clear benefit of disk imaging is that it lets you transfer all your software to a new drive or machine. This makes it much easier to provision new computers in an office environment, for example, since you won’t have to manually install your operating system and all your software and files on each machine individually. The same applies for home users, when they want to upgrade their hard drives to add extra capacity, or they want to migrate their operating systems and everything else to a new computer. With a drive image, all you need to do is extract its contents, and your desktop will be just as you left it. You might need to reinstall a few drivers or reactivate Windows, but these steps take minutes rather than the many hours typically needed to reinstall everything from scratch.

Instead of managing multiple tools, you can also use Acronis True Image to protect your data with integrated real-time protection and signature-based defenses. It also provides web filtering and video conferencing protection to keep the hackers away from your data. Moreover, a wide range of powerful integrations offer clear performance benefits, and lets you manage it all from a single, intuitive interface. The latest edition, Acronis True Image 2021 Update 2 for Windows, provides an improved vulnerability assessment, better ransomware detection, and added support for the Windows 10 October 2020 Update. It also fixes many minor issues and delivers many tweaks to improve performance and functionality.

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