Are your streaming and gaming speeds as fast as they truly could be? New System Mechanic 21 expertly hunts down and neutralizes sources of unnecessary PC slowdown. Devices possibly using your bandwidth? Nonessential processes draining the life out of your PC? Not when System Mechanic 21 gets to work.

New System Mechanic delivers an array of undeniably powerful enhancements, including a new antivirus engine that intelligently discovers and blocks the latest threats. Our new artificial intelligence trains itself to deftly identify suspicious behavior and keep you protected.

Redesigned for Ease of Use

With a new, streamlined dashboard and enhanced features, System Mechanic 21 makes it even easier to get your old or new computer bursting with maximum performance and speed. Reduced installation steps, faster access to tools, and in-product tutorials have all been added to make sure you’re getting the most out of our award-winning PC performance management technology.

Reinforced for Peace of Mind

In addition to safely wiping sensitive browsing history and expertly patching Windows security vulnerabilities, System Mechanic 21 now boasts an advanced network scanner for your peace of mind. Easily and quickly scan for devices on your network that might be using your bandwidth and causing congestion.

Reimagined for Max Speed

Computer slowdown is the scourge of PC life with several known causes. Now you can use System Mechanic’s new process scanner to uncover what might be draining your system resources and causing your PC to slow down. Combine this cutting-edge scanner with the rest of our powerful suite of tools and inject your computer with top speeds in just a few clicks!

So, why new System Mechanic 21? Because It Works!

Unleash Your Speed

Experience the advantages of high-speed streaming, smoother gaming, less buffering, faster downloads, and accelerated startup. System Mechanic 21 automatically speeds up your computer’s resources and optimizes hidden WindowsВ© internet settings to unleash your PC and online speeds.

Boost Your Security

System Mechanic 21 is a security powerhouse. Scan for devices using your bandwidth and causing congestion, check for deceptive and unwanted programs masquerading as helpful antivirus or cleanup tools, easily disable the latest, most aggressive Windows personal data collection services, prevent browsing history tracking, and so much more.

Automate PC Maintenance

With System Mechanic 21, you can avoid costly and annoying computer repairs by automating your PC maintenance. Advanced cleaning and repair features remove more unsafe clutter and fix more problems than ever before, going to work whenever your PC is idle. Free up disk space, clean up over 50 types of junk files, and keep your PC stable and issue-free.

System Mechanic is the eight-time winner of the PC Magazine prestigious Editors’ Choice award. Chosen for its powerful performance boost, System Mechanic also reinforces your computer’s security and stability. Choose the Best, visit to get System Mechanic 21 today!