Getting the most out of your photography work requires professional photo software that streamlines routine operations and provides the tools needed to help you perfect your imagery. While the most obvious option may be to choose an industry-leading professional photo editor, this is undoubtedly the most expensive option. Added to the expense is the risk of getting bogged down with a steep learning curve and a wide range of features that you are not likely to need. After all, feature bloat is a major problem in many high-end software applications. That said, if you are a pro photographer, there are certain tools and functions that you will not want to be without. One of the most important considerations is support for RAW photo formats produced by professional-grade digital cameras. Developing RAW files lets you work with the image as it was taken, with the original colors. Nothing is left out by lossy compression algorithms.

As the name implies, ACDSee Professional is a professional photo editor, photo organizer, and automation solution. It provides the full range of editing and organizing features that you need to maintain complete control over your workflow, no matter how many images you have in your collection. Thanks to the powerful Manage mode, it is always easy to find the images you need, along with all other digital assets related to your work. This makes it easy to manage large and growing collections. For example, you can add ratings to your photos and other filetypes and assign categories, tags, and keywords. You can also use maps to help identify individual photos by the location they were taken or sort your images by the device that took them. If you prefer, you can even use intuitive visual tags to identify and organize your photos, such as colored labels. However, one of the strongest points of the organizational capabilities of ACDSee Professional is its built-in facial recognition. This powerful tool lets you quickly find all photos featuring the same person.

Professional photo software has never been so easy to use, and neither has it been so affordable. ACDSee Professional includes high-end editing tools to give you complete control over every pixel in your work. There are versatile filters, intuitive editing controls, and many other powerful functions. It is effortless to transform everything from color palettes to lighting to get the very best look for your photos. The blended clone tool has recently been improved to make it easy to remove unwanted elements, such as lens flares, lens scratches, and droplets of water. The latest version of ACDSee Professional adds support for several new camera models, including devices manufactured by GoPro, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, and Panasonic. New Develop and Edit mode features in this latest release include new color and tone wheels, a new presets pane, and new history pane. New and improved batch renaming helps streamline the process of renaming large numbers of files automatically. You can now import face data from Lightroom and Picasa, and support for the GoPro .GPR format has been added. Finally, there is a raft of performance tweaks and minor fixes.

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