Keeping digital data secure and safely backed up has become a major concern in modern times, but losing important data remains one of the most common concerns among computer users everywhere. Whether in the home or the workplace, keeping your files safely backed up can seem like a chore, particularly if you’re only doing it manually. There is always the chance of forgetting to back something up, and oftentimes, people only realize once it is too late. As such, there is no better and more effective way to back up data than by creating an entire image of your hard drive or other digital storage media. A disk image includes a byte-by-byte copy of everything stored on the disk. For example, if you’re backing up your system hard drive, the image will even include a copy of your operating system and all of your programs, as well as your personal files.

Protect Your Digital Life with Acronis True Image 2021

Acronis True Image 2021 provides the most effective and foolproof backup solution of all, since it creates a full disk image that includes your applications and operating system. A backup image is useful not just for keeping your data safe, but also for migrating everything to a new hard disk or even an entirely new machine. In such cases, having a system image at your disposal is far more convenient than reinstalling Windows and all of your programs from scratch. It’s also good for properly restoring your computer to an earlier time should it become unworkable for any reason. Although Windows provides the System Restore feature, it is inherently limited by the amount of space allocated to it and, as a result, there’s always the chance of it failing to resurrect a damaged operating system.

Versatile Backup to Any Storage Device

Acronis True Image 2021 is suitable for use both in the home or the workplace. You can back up your content automatically to an external hard disk or other storage media or, in the case of the typical workplace scenario, to a networked storage system. Having your backups stored locally affords you the convenience of quick and easy access without having to download all the files when restoring from the cloud. However, Acronis also provides a cloud backup solution for those who want the added safety of storing their backups externally so that they will always be safe.

Whether backing up online or locally, you can rest assured that your data is kept safe from prying eyes. It uses a 256-bit encryption algorithm so that only you can access it with the password you specify. It is also very quick, working up to 50% faster than many other leading solutions when it comes to creating and updating system images as well as extracting them during data restore options. Retention schemes also allow you to store a complete history of the last 20 states. However, to reduce the amount of time and storage space required, subsequent backups after the initial one only take into account changes to the data. You can find out more at