Do you want to study MBBS in abroad? Many Indian students dream of studying abroad and studying MBBS in Europe is an illusion for all kinds of students. Georgia is gradually becoming a popular destination for studying MBBS in European countries. CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) has the best and suitable universities. The courses offered by the Medical University of Georgia are recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India) and WHO (World Health Organization). Among medical students who want to study abroad like you, Georgia is becoming a popular destination. Studying MBBS in India can be very expensive. So, in terms of affordability, you have other options, such as Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia. This has made Georgia trendy and popular among Indian students.

  1. Compared with private medical schools in India, Georgian University provides you with a better education.
  2. The main focus is that students should acquire more practical professional knowledge than theoretical knowledge.
  3. The MBBS and MD degrees of the Georgia Medical School are recognized by international institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).
  4. Therefore, when students study at the top MBBS universities in Georgia, it guarantees the students’ success in the medical profession.
  5. From the first semester, students will have the opportunity to conduct experiments, practice, and clinical work in the university’s well-equipped hospitals, which have good infrastructure and technology.
  6. According to the Lisbon Convention, students studying MBBS in Georgia and Europe can apply for internships and advanced studies in 47 countries or regions.
  7. The quality of accommodation in the hotel is very good. The hotel offers Indian cuisine at any time, which will give Indian students a homely feeling.
  8. Indian students can get the best MBBS education from the best universities in Georgia at an affordable cost. Therefore, compared with Indian private medical schools, this is the most affordable option for Indian students.
  9. Therefore, now that you have seen the advantages of studying at a medical university in Georgia, it is important to understand which documents and qualifications are required.


  1. On average, each university in Georgia can accommodate 10 to 14 students per class.
  2. Universities in Georgia provide the same world-class infrastructure, just as medical universities in North America and Western Europe are much more expensive than universities in Georgia.
  3. These universities have world-class libraries, providing 5000 medical textbooks, manuals, guides, and several audio-visual aids.
  4. A computer room and internet facilities are provided for students.
  5. Cultural meetings are arranged for foreigners studying in universities.
  6. In Georgian universities, international conferences and seminars about medicine are often held.
  7. Medical pioneers and visionaries from all over the world participate in the conferences to teach and motivate medical students so that they can learn, practice, and develop medicine.

Recreational Activities

  1. Georgia has a lot of recreational activities every season, so an interesting study was conducted in Georgia.
  2. The education management department always encourages students to participate in outdoor and indoor sports and cultural activities.
  3. After a long and busy week of study, foreign students prefer to explore the countryside and the surrounding beauty through the bicycle trails throughout the city.
  4. They keep in mind the purpose of understanding the national culture by meeting people and visiting various tourist attractions, so as to travel in the city.
  5. Georgia’s universities and colleges provide campus sports facilities where people can participate in various indoor and outdoor sports activities.
  6. In Georgia, there are also theaters, shopping centers, amusement parks, and restaurants.
  7. Therefore, you must now have an understanding of the eligibility criteria and documents required to study MBBS in Georgia.
  8. Then, we also learned about accommodation and other facilities, as well as recreational activities in Georgia.