1.       Options Available to the Indian Students to Do MBBS near India

There are many options available to the Indian students to do MBBS near India such as study MBBBS in China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

2.       China MBBS Course Was Rated As the Best

However, China’s MBBS program is considered the best of these options, as there are 45 medical universities available for MCI (Medical Council of India) approval for students.

3.       Feedback on the Quality of Education in China

There is much negative feedback on the quality of education in China and its universities on the Internet, but students must compare this feedbacks with positive feedbacks, which will give them a clear understanding of the quality of education in China.

4.       China Has the Best Performance Not Only In Asia but Also in the World

China has one of the best medical courses not only in Asia but also in the world. Students from many countries choose to do MBBS in China.

5.       China Has a Safe Environment and Provides Adequate Security

The state provides a safe environment for students. It provides sufficient security for the university and the students outside the school building, making it an excellent choice for parents.

6.       Receive Chinese Basic Course Training

Students will feel that lack of knowledge of Chinese will have a huge impact on their education, but this is not true at all, because not only students will receive basic Chinese training in the course of study.

7.       Chinese Citizens Have Considerable Knowledge of English

But they can also expect that many Chinese citizens have decent understandings of English, which will help them communicate with them.

8.       Infrastructure Is an Important Aspect

Infrastructure is an important aspect of any large medical school and medical school in the country. The first-class infrastructure, including modern laboratories, modern classrooms, and libraries with audio-visual facilities and Internet facilities provide you with a variety of food options, CCTV security, and many other facilities.

9.       The Value of a Degree Is Accepted Worldwide

Therefore, students who complete courses from China Medical University do not have to worry about the value of the degree or the acceptance of medical degrees.

10.   Students are Not Required to Take Any Entrance Exams

China Medical University does not require students to take any entrance exams before they can be admitted, so students do not have to worry about it.

11.   Don’t Ask for Any Personal Pledges or Donation Fees

Chinese medical schools require affordable MBBS in China fees for Indian students, which is not common in private medical schools in India.

12.   China Provides Huge Funding and Grants to Top Medical Universities

The Chinese government provides large amounts of funds and grants to China’s top medical universities for research purposes, and these universities have very low fees.

13.   The Cost of Living in China Is Extremely Low and Economical

The cost of living in China is extremely low and economical, which is why for students who wish to study MBBS abroad, China is regarded as an economically viable option.

14.   Study MBBS with the Country Very Close to India

For Indian medical aspirants, this is the ideal place to study MBBS, because the country is very close to India, which makes it easier for Indian students to travel between the two countries.

15.   Given Opportunities to Practice with a Lot of Patients

Due to the large population of China, students will certainly be given the opportunity to practice with many patients, which will help improve their skills.

16.   Study MBBS in China Is Extremely Beneficial

Therefore, we can summarize all these advantages, that is, study MBBS in China is extremely beneficial to any student.