The term ‘Root canal’ is referred to the inner passages of tooth which involves the root and the pulp. Apart from this, it includes the dental treatment of removing infected materials from the tooth thereby gives relieve from pain. Various nerves and blood vessels are there inside the root canal so these become very much sensitive to heat and cold weather infected or inflamed. In such cases, removing those nerves and infected tissues is a part of some standard procedures for treating tooth decay or tooth pulp infection. 
There are some common causes of dental pain, which involves tooth damage or decay, cracks and chips, repeated dental diseases, trauma, large fillings and several others. In the initial stage, the patient should consult with an experienced professional or dentist for getting proper treatment and care. After accurate diagnosing and X-Ray, root canal is recommended by the doctors if necessary. All kinds of infection and pain do not require root canal treatment, but there are few serious signs that are severe enough for taking root canal involves,
• Tooth darkening and sensitivity to heat and cold 
• Gum swelling and tenderness near the infected area of teeth
• Small bump on infected portion of gums
• Severe tooth pain during eating particularly when pressurizes
Root canal is now widely used in several developing nations as these are less expensive than tooth replacement procedure. The overall cost varies according to the severity of illness, and also depends on the experienced professional dental surgeon who is treating this condition. Sometimes, the patient may experience post root canal pain and sensitivity which is also very common. In order to get rid of this, regular dental care should be needed; the crown must be well maintained to avoid future pain. In case of high sensitivity to the infected tooth, soft and bristled toothbrushes and various oral-care supplements, specially designed for sensitive teeth, help control the situation.

Now a day, cosmetic dentistry and wearing porcelain veneers are used widely as part of wedding smile makeovers. These are some new tooth whitening techniques for dental restoration and gives changing appearance best suitable for wedding day. As all need to be picture conscious for that particular day, initial consultation with the dentist is very much essential for taking permission of cosmetic dentistry. When someone is ready to start aesthetic or cosmetic dental procedures, he or she should make sure that it will be done correctly and they can enjoy their purpose with an attractive smile. With the developing technology, these cosmetic dentistry and dental restoration techniques has made it possible for the people to enjoy their special purposes without any fear and hesitation.

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